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Customer Care: It's all about customer engagement with your brand.

Your brand is unique. You have high standards and your customers are special. Their emotional and financial investments in your brand advance your corporate objectives. They require Customer Care. For Global Response, Customer Care is at our core. Our goal is to faithfully replicate your standards, support your organization with experience across industries and provide our insights. Our unique approach is centered on configuring the right team of dedicated Brand Specialists who are passionate about your brand.

Our Brand Specialists bring that human touch to the e-commerce customer experience.

Brand immersion begins with orientation, is formalized in training and reinforced in daily operations throughout the associate’s tenure. Methods for immersion include:

  • Brand Specialist training at your retail locations, headquarters or field operations to acclimate the team to your culture and processes.
  • Rapport building to create a stronger connection between specialist and client.
  • In-class training to both convey and test product and process knowledge.
  • Systems and security training as well as Global Response orientation for process and culture.
  • Ongoing training, including for new initiatives and changes in process and product.
  • Seasonal training to support the introduction of collections, product releases or enrollment periods.
  • Product displays that provide associates with a tactile, brand-focused experience, allowing them to easily discuss key product attributes with customers.
  • Marketing materials and signage to support branding of your contact center space.
  • Complete Knowledgebase for instant access to product and process information.


We ensure outstanding customer experiences by being first-class communicators — both with your customers and with your organization. To a much greater degree than other call centers, our account managers communicate with you and with the Brand Specialists on your account to keep everyone aligned. We facilitate direct communications between you and your Global Response account manager, who strongly identifies with your enterprise, brand and products. In fact, the account manager and team are conditioned to think of themselves as working for you with a singular focus on your best interests.

Customer Care requires a philosophy supported by people, processes and systems. With the right focus on care, the contact center is elevated to a profit center, an experience center. According to a recent Walker study, 88 percent of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Aligned with your brand, we can create an experience befitting your unique business.


Our experience integrating your customer relation management (CRM), case management or ticketing system provides Brand Specialists with a documented record of your customer’s transactions. This presents a searchable history which paves the way for a seamless resolution regardless of the channel the customer uses or the specialist they reach. Purchase history also means higher success rates for up-selling and cross-selling, because we understand your customers and can suggest products that are right for them.


Our goal is to be completely aligned with your customers’ interests. We customize training and development programs in order to encourage passion for your brand. We understand the importance of first-contact resolution (FCR) for your customers. Blend that with our repertoire of customer service practices and skills, and the result is an experience that creates brand loyalty, enhances sales and leads to higher customer lifetime value (LTV).


Our in-depth training and detailed QA procedures ensure we understand you and your customers’ needs. These customer-care practices, along with those that follow, enable us to effectively represent your brand and strengthen your customer relationships.

  • Recruiting – Our onsite Human Resources department features recruiters with over three decades of experience in recruiting in-market. We focus on selecting candidates with the right backgrounds, skills and personalities for your brand.
  • Training – Our locations feature fully equipped, on-site classroom training. We provide dedicated trainers in a ‘train-the- trainer’ environment. We support e-learning and professional course materials development to optimize the training process.
  • Quality Assurance – Our QA process drives performance from Brand Specialists and reinforces engagement. We deploy a goal-oriented program featuring a positive, constructive feedback method. We are transparent in our monitoring, scoring and calibration methods. We utilize a best-in- class platform, Calabrio, which supports our program as an input to our continuous improvement process.
  • Expertise – Capabilities in customer care extend to customer service, order management, up-selling, cross-selling and social media engagements. Care is provided via phone, email, chat and social media applications.
  • Technology – Based on the Cisco UCCE platform, integration enables our specialists to securely access systems you are using in-house. Our experts are skilled in developing workflows that empower our people to perform better and deliver an efficient, informed, “high-touch” customer interaction.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Real-time reporting on metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and SLAs tailored to your needs. Our on-site team of IT professionals have the capability to design a balanced scorecard, incorporating key metrics that help you manage your business.
  • Engagement – Measurement and Business Intelligence – Post interaction surveys measure customer satisfaction via CSAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Voice of the Customer (VOC). The solution is configurable and supports products from third-party firms, such as StellaService and Bizrate, and platforms, such as Medallia