Unlimited Technical Support

Above and beyond normal support! 

Customer Care: It's all about customer engagement with your brand.

Your brand is unique. You have high standards and your customers are special. Their emotional and financial investments in your brand advance your corporate objectives. They require Customer Care. Our goal is to faithfully replicate your standards, support your organization with experience across industries and provide our insights. Our unique approach is centered on configuring the right team of dedicated Brand Specialists who are passionate about your brand.

Unlimited Technical Support  is the partner of choice for “white label” technology support for leading companies in retail, software, telecommunications, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things. We provide support on behalf of some of the biggest and best brands in the world, handling tens of thousands of support sessions a day for consumers with complex technology issues. With our scalable workforce of technology specialists and proven leadership in program design and execution, you can:

  • Boost your customer satisfaction scores to industry-leading levels
  • Increase the value of your core offerings and create new revenue streams
  • Differentiate and expand your product offerings
  • Increase the value of your warranty programs