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Our outbound and inbound call center services provide solutions tailored to drive revenue and profitability, manage customer support to increase satisfaction and customer loyalty, and provide best-in-class technology to match the way customers and businesses communicate today.

  • 24/7/365 service means your business never closes
  • Toll-free or local phone number ensures your company is represented on a national or local presence, based on your preference
  • Web interface accessibility to order entry or schedule appointments provides a streamlined transaction that works the way you do

  • Customer Hotline: Companies who offer 24/7 support, complaint or information lines can use the service to provide a constant contact avenue for customers. When your customers call an 800 number of your choice.

  • Automated and Live Customer Surveys:  We will not only take your inbound telephone calls, but can conduct live outbound calling or administer brief automated survey questions  for Customer Survey feedback and analysis.  This can be used to establish a baseline to evaluate the level of service you are providing, and ensure you are on the receiving end of repeat business and revenue growth.

  • Order Entry: Unlimited Technical Support currently provides order taking and order entry services for a wide range of clients across the country, expanding opportunities to capture revenue and drive business profitability 24/7.We answer the call, receive the order, processes payment information and enter the completed order directly into the client’s fulfillment system.