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What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service is a strategy of providing customer service through social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Due to the potential for high engagement between brands and customers, social media and customer service, when handled properly, work very well together.

Zendesk's entire experience is streamlined and all conversations and data are captured in a single locations, so agents can provide personalized service experiences to customers.

  • Brand safe environment with password protected login
  • One dashboard to monitor all your social streams
  • Ability to add more social networks to the stream
  • User / team assignments
  • Client teams can log in to view
  • Integration with our case management tool


Responding to customer service inquiries with accurate and timely answers increases brand loyalty, lifetime customer value, and encourages positive word of mouth.

Social media customer service includes:

  • Social presence management
  • Answer customer inquiries in real time
  • Customer service extension to social media
  • Integration with your current teams
  • Engagement and ROI metrics, tracking
  • Review management services on demand
  • Social media risk management

Global Response will help your social media program take the next step to a better customer experience.